A core part of the CDSC’s mission is to support parents of children with Down syndrome. One way we do this by reaching out to medical professionals — doctors, nurses, technicians and others — to assist them beginning when the diagnosis is delivered and continuing throughout the lifespan.  We recommend the following resources:


Best Practices for health care professionals delivering a prenatal or postnatal diagnosis by Dr. Brian Skotko, in the American Journal of Medical Genetics identifies steps in a sensitive process.

The Brighter Tomorrows Website includes an interactive tutorial (in both English and Spanish) that guides health care professionals in delivering a diagnosis of Down syndrome. You may also want to direct new and expectant parents to this website to for information.


The CDSC’s Parent’s First Call Program provides support and up-to-date information through trained volunteers across the state. If you are a healthcare provider, you can connect a new or expectant family to the Parents’ First Call Program by having them call our toll-free number: 888-486-8537.  Additional information can be found on our Expectant Parents and New Parents pages.

Printable Growth Charts and Head Circumference Charts with explanations in layman’s language have been produced by Greg Richards.

The Down Syndrome Research Center at Stanford maintains an extensive web portal listing with links to information on various medical conditions and how they might be expressed through a diagnosis of Down syndrome.

Proactive primary healthcare is essential to helping people with Down syndrome achieve their full potential.  Healthcare Guidelines have been adopted by the Down Syndrome Medical Special Interest Group. Guidelines and checklists that can be printed and maintained in a patient’s files (as well as other information) are available on Dr. Len Leshin’s site. Dr. Leshin is a physician and the father of a son who has Down syndrome.