Thank you for your interest in hosting a fundraising event that supports the CDSC. We welcome and encourge fundraising events that support our mission and appreciate all the time and effort that families put into their event to make it successful.

All individuals and organizations are requested to submit a Fundraiser Proposal Form for approval, after reading the following Third Party Fundraising Guidelines, and before including the CDSC as a beneficiary for your event.

Third Party Fundraising Guidelines
Third Party Fundraisers are sponsored by individuals or organizations other than the CDSC. We are grateful that others want to help support the CDSC mission and we welcome, encourage, and appreciate fundraising events and projects that benefit our programs and services.

All individuals and organizations must submit a Fundraiser Proposal Form for approval prior to including CDSC as a beneficiary for an event. This will help to clearly establish the parameters and expectations for all parties involved and avoid duplications of solicitations of corporate, foundation, individual or association sponsors. The Fundraiser Proposal Form should be submitted for approval no later than sixty (60) days prior to the event with exceptions granted by the Board. The CDSC will notify the applicant of the status of the fundraiser request within fourteen (14) days of receiving it.

The organizers of a third party fundraiser will agree to the following:

    1. Due to limited resources, CDSC cannot provide staff/volunteer support to Events.
    2. All fundraising is to be conducted for the exclusive benefit of the CDSC. Any variance must be approved by the CDSC Board in advance of the Event.
    3. The event must meet all applicable local, state, and federal laws and regulations.
    4. Third parties are prohibited from setting up a separate bank account in CDSC’s name in conjunction with a fundraiser.
    5. The CDSC reserves the right to disassociate itself from any event or project not in compliance with its mission, principles, policies or guidelines.
    6. The CDSC works with various sponsors in connection with our mission. In order to ensure that there is no conflict with CDSC sponsors, the applicant must provide a list of potential sponsors on the Fundraiser Proposal Form before they are secured.
    7. Any publicity material using the CDSC name and/or logo will need to be reviewed and approved prior to printing/publishing. This includes, but is not limited to, invitations, press releases, newspapers or newsletter articles, merchandise, fliers, etc.
    8. All advertising material for the event will clearly disclose the specific amount of money from the consumer’s purchase that will be donated to the CDSC. For example: “$10 of each ticket purchased” or “10% of the sales price.”
    9. The CDSC will be able to use information about the event (i.e. photos, attendance, dates, location) for CDSC purposes (newsletter, website, marketing material, etc).
    10. If an athletic or sporting event is planned, all participants are required to sign a waiver or a release form and the event organizer shall deliver copies of the waivers following the conclusion of the event.

May, 2011 CT Down Syndrome Congress