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  The CDSC supports legislation that benefits people who have Down syndrome at the state and national levels.  We are affiliated with the National Down Syndrome Society’s Governmental Affairs Committee, and the Connecticut Family Empowerment Task Force. We encourage you to contact your local, state and federal representatives and educate them about issues important to your family.


The website  www.cga.ct.gov is a tremendous source of information about the Connecticut General Assembly.  You can find just about everything you need to advocate for legislation at the state level there. Find your representatives here.   Here is a link you can use to track a bill as it moves through the General Assembly.  

United States

This page on the Connecticut General Assembly page also lists  federal representatives. Use this link at the U.S. Library of Congress to track a bill through the House and Senate. View a diagram of how a bill becomes law at the national level at Lexis/Nexis.

Federal Legislation to Watch —

The ABLE Act (Achieving a Better Life Act), in process for the last several years, has been re-introduced into the House and Senate in the current year.  It would allow individuals who have disabilities and their families to save money without jeopardizing Social Security or Medicaid benefits. You can find additional information on the National Down Syndrome Society website.  Scroll down the page almost to the bottom. Legislators “co-sponsor” legislation to signal their support of it.  Use the link to the U.S. Library of Congress above or the link at Govtrack to follow the bill’s progress.